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 The Islands Commission is one of the 6 Geographical Commissions of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe, and its oldest (founded in 1980).

 Its membership covers twenty four european regional island authorities, namely every single EU Island authority, and the Isle of Man. The total population of these Regions is circa 13.5 million.

 Many Islands Commission Members also belong to other regional networks bringing together neighbouring islands, such as "B7" (for the 7 Baltic Sea Islands), or MEDOC (for the Mediterranean Islands). The Islands Commission has close links with these networks.


 The Islands Commission is also in contact with other island structures, such as associations representing small islands (e.g. in Brittany, Ireland, Finland, etc.), by the means of ESIN Network or the Network of INSULEUR which gathered Island Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the EU. It also has close relations with other organisations representing the interests of regions subject to geographical constraints (mountain regions, sparsely population regions, etc.)


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